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Targeted advertising on social networks

Social networks Vkontakte and Fasebook today is visited by about 11 million Ukrainian internet users, who often spend there a few hours a day – both for entertainment and for serious work correspondence on establishing business contacts.
The main advantage of advertising with social networks is the ability to customize the exact ammount of target audience. The more precisely we define the basic characteristics of your customers, the more effective the advertising will be.

The procedure for the provision of services:
We coordinate target advertising campaign (branding, increased sales, etc.);
We pay great attention to the creation of a media plan, advertising campaign strategy prescribes;
Setting advertising campaigns:
Setting up and testing systems analysts;
Launching an advertising campaign;
Optimization of the campaign;
Revision of the strategy, media plan for the next period.
Therefore, we propose to entrust your site (or sites) of our company.

We no longer have time because several specialists work on each project. And promote quality sites, because it is already advanced several hundred in a variety of subject areas and with different budgets.

We offer several specialists to work on each project. And promote sites qualitively, because we have already did it several hundred times with many sites in various subject areas and with different budgets.

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