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PPC - context advertising

Want to improve your ad campaigns? To reduce the cost per customer and increase the return on investment from the “context”? You’ve come to the right place!

We specialize in contextual advertising and web analytics.

Why you need to order contextual advertising from Advortex:

1. We specialize in contextual advertising.
All of our specialists have been trained and certified in the content system and can professionally manage your advertising campaign, achieving maximum results, while significantly reducing your costs.
2. Our goal is to achieve your business results.
We give calls and customers rather than clicks and impressions. The ideal task for us from you is as follows: “It is necessary to put the N calls from your website at a price to attract each no more than USD X”.
3. We are not a factory.
Each customer receives assistance of Advortex personal manager. Every manager has not more than 10 projects.
4. We guarantee individual approach to your tasks to attract customers from the Internet.
5. Weekly optimization.
6. Growing results.
We analyze the number and cost of advertising conversions and make recommendations to increase efficiency at all levels: systems, campaigns, keywords and ad text (via Google Analytics).
7. Weekly reporting on progress and results achieved.
We prove daily that contextual advertising – effective tool to attract your customers.


  • Google AdWords Contextual advertising
  • Contextual advertising Yandex
  • Contextual advertising models
  • YouTube Video
  • Content audit

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