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Web analytics helps to assess the efficiency of online marketing for your business.

With properly configured Web Analytics you can:
assess the quantity and quality of traffic to a website
identify stable sources of traffic and identify the most effective and efficient ones
identify problem areas 

Advortex offers the following services on web analytics:
engineering services;
installing Google Analytics code and check the code on all pages of your site;
setting special profiles for access to statistics;
setting goals and objectives of the funnel;
amending the codes counters statistics and analysis in accordance with the new objectives and goals (if necessary);
using Google Analytics with AdWords – a bunch of contextual advertising;
reports setup to track and analyze the work of other contextual advertising systems, including Yandex
create new and modify existing advertising campaigns, as well as their analysis in the overall statistics of the site (the effectiveness of attracting the target audience to your website, increase sales site, etc.)
landing page programming
setting tracking subdomains
Setup e-commerce
configure dashboard (dashboard) according to predefined KPI Internet project.

Analytical services
organization of custom reports, including regular and complex (using 4 key relationship site metrics over time);
event tracking and configuring the necessary filters in accordance with the Internet project objectives;
analysis of internal search, and moving the visitor clicks on the site;
identify problematic pages client internet project, including influencing the decline in attendance of a site;
configure, and special reports on the site;
Guaranteed to monitor and report regularly on statistics and achieve the goals of the customer site.

Turning to Advortex you get:
quality setting of your site statistics
full reports
literate reasonable suggestions for improving the effectiveness of the site
professional support of our specialists
The cost of web analytics, provided by Advortex, depends on the size of your Internet project, the total number of advertising sources, the number of required reports (including regular), the complexity of building a relationship between orders and site visitors.

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