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What we can do for you

SEO-promotion site

SEO-promotion sites - our main specialization since 2014.
For 4 years of SEO-experience, Advortex has successfully promoted more than 400 projects for Ukrainian and foreign companies, most of which remain our regular customers.

Targeted advertising on social networks

Social networks Vkontakte and Fasebook today is visited by about 11 million Ukrainian internet users, who often spend there a few hours a day - both for entertainment and for serious work correspondence on establishing business contacts.

PPC - context advertising

Want to improve your ad campaigns, reduce the cost per customer or increase the return on investment from the "context"?
You've come to the right place!
We specialize in contextual advertising and web analytics.

Additional services

  • Progressing on foreign markets
  • Mobile promotion applications
  • Analysis and consulting
  • We are always ready to solve non-standard tasks

Website promotion abroad

English-language SEO-promotion projects

Complex actions to attract targeted traffic to your site.

Contextual advertising for foreign traffic

Usage of proper tools to reach your potential customers quickly and efficiently.

Content marketing for Western markets

Creation and distribution of most appropriate content to attract the required audience to your business.

Why Advortex reaches the promised results

4 years in the field of market promotion:

- Experience of dealing with large, medium and small business
- Own development and promotion systems
- Efficient global technologies

Experience and Technology:

- We work since 2014
- More than 400 successful projects
- Promotion of companies of different size and spheres of activities

8 reasons to work with us


We establish achievable time frames for compliance with every project. We do not promise the impossible. Integrated approach is often time-consuming, but it is the key to the required results.


We do not try to do everything, we are focused on the most successful Internet marketing directions: SEO, PPC, improving usability and content marketing.

Multifaceted experience

We develop successfully in the field of Internet services in order to find most optimal solution for each customer, no matter whether it’s a huge corporation or a small local business.

Only white methods of SEO-promotion

We work as much as possible carrying out the recommendations of search engines, use safe and effective technologies.


We work openly, providing full and regular reports on time and costs, along with full access to search engine accounts.

Integrated approach

Due to our extensive experience, we have developed a systematic approach for our customers to achieve their goals.

High level service

We do our best to deliver excellent customer service: after defining your “wants and needs”, we appoint staff most suitable for your project and most qualified in your sphere.

International company

Not only we do business internationally but we also take into consideration culture and traditions of each country. Thus, we deliver best results for each project.

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  • +35 9 888 858 230
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